Welcome to St George the Martyr Charity


We are a small, older persons' charity based in the north of the London borough of Southwark. The Charity was originally founded in 1584 through the will of one Stephen Skydmore, who left money to the church of St George the Martyr in Borough High Street to help "the poor of the parish". Other rich merchants added to the funds over the following 400 years and we are entirely funded by income from this endowment.

The Charity is now independent of the church and we provide support to older people of all faiths and none. In 1975 our Area of Benefit was extended to the boundaries of the former (pre-1965) Metropolitan Borough of Southwark.

We also administer the Surrey Dispensary fund, on behalf of the trustees of that charity. Please click on the ‘Surrey Dispensary’ tab for more information.


Area of Benefit

We help people who lived within - or very near - the boundaries of the former (pre-1965) Metropolitan Borough of Southwark

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How We Help

We help to promote social networks to encourage friendship and well being

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