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About St. George the Martyr Charity

We are a small charity based in The Borough that was founded more than 400 years ago. The charity is funded by a series of historic endowments that were made to help ‘the poor of the parish of St George the Martyr, Southwark’. Our current Area of Benefit goes beyond the old parish boundary and encompasses The Borough, Bankside, Walworth and Newington neighbourhoods.

What We Do

Today, our principal object is to assist older people who have limited financial means and live within (or very close to) our Area of Benefit.

We provide social opportunities (coach outings, theatre trips, holidays and a Winter Party), grants, home care services (hairdressing and nail care) and a Christmas Hamper. We also provide regular charitable payment of £85, three times a year to old-age people of state pension age who meet certain criteria.

In addition, we provide grants to other charities that provide services to older people who live in our Area of Benefit. 

The Trustees of the Charity have approved a plan for the organisation for 2019 which can be found here:


Area of Benefit Map